How to Maximize Self Growth

What is self growth? Self growth in the plainest form is improvement. Self Growth is more important than you may think. Often times we forget what it means to grow. We think that because change is not happening at the rate that we want it to, that we aren’t progressing. WRONG! Growth happens everyday you wake up, whether tangible or not it’s happening.

Maximizing self growth starts with you and ends with you. Not sure where to start or how to even improve the things in your life? Below I have put together a list of things that you can all do to help with self growth.


Be Self Aware. Be self aware of who you are as a individual. Once you are sure of yourself, no one can tell you any differently.

Know your worth. Once you figure out who you are as a person put it into action and know how valuable you are.

Believe in yourself. Let’s face it…if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Proven fact. If you are self aware and you know your worth, fucking own it!

Put yourself first. Stop believing that putting yourself first is a act of selfishness because it is not. Do whatever it is that you need to do to succeed as long as you are doing it the right way.

Speak with conviction. Believe that what you say matters. Your opinions and your beliefs are valid.

Take Action. Take control of your life. You are the captain of your ship. Make it count.

Appreciate where you are in life today. Dwelling on “where” you think you should be in life helps nothing. Every step you take today is preparing you for where you are going in life.

Learn to be OK. Sometimes things in life will be out of your control and that is completely okay. Stressing over things that you cannot control helps no one. Learn how to make the best out of every situation or road block.

Stop holding onto whats not meant for you. It’s true, you can block what is truly meant for you by holding on to something you are suppose to let go of for many reasons.

Stop wasting your own valuable time. Time is too important to waste. Make every minute of your life count for something worth your wild.

Get out of your head. Overthinking kills.


Be realistic. Do not sign yourself up for more than you can handle. This will result in you burning yourself out. Tackle your goals one step at a time. (Refer to my previous post   for more on goals here)

Keep your plans to yourself. No one needs to know what you have planned for yourself. Remember, not everyone is always happy for you. YOU DO NOT NEED THAT KIND OF NEGATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE!

Live within your means. That is a big one! It is okay to splurge a little but prioritize your funds. Putting yourself in a financial hole is the fastest way to send yourself spiraling backwards. That is not what you want.

Stay Organized. It helps when the things around you are together. This will keep you focused and cause less room for chaos.

Be patient grasshopper. Patience is a key factor in self growth. It takes time to improve the things in your life. Taking it one day at a time is truly important. Rushing things to fall into place causes you to bypass all the important learning factors. Do not cheat yourself.

Read and Research. Reading is fundamental. It keeps you sharp and it expands your mind, vocabulary, and provides you with an extended amount of knowledge. Researching gives you an advantage. It provides you with a glimpse of the things you want in life and allows you to see if it is something you really want. It also keeps you one step ahead and eliminates wasting your time.

Self Reflect. selfie-portrait-picture-photoWere you your best today? Did you maximize your time? Remaining honest with yourself is imperative. Self growth is about staying true to yourself therefore if you feel like today was not your best day, it is OK. Work on it and improve the next day.

Maximize the opportunities around you. If you see a door, go through it. Walking away from opportunities due to your own self doubt does more harm than good. Life is about taking risks and grabbing life by the balls.

Have a good attitude. Life is better when you’re smiling and let’s face it….you feel better. A good attitude keeps the energy positive.

Do not be afraid to stand out. No one else in the world is like you or capable of doing what you can. Let it be known. Stand apart and show the world what you’ve got. Standing out means you are not afraid to be different and creates opportunities for you effortlessly.


Self growth stems from within and is something you need to do on your own. Each of the things listed above helps to create a better you. Changing your outlook on life changes the way you see the world and yourself in it. Maximizing self growth sets you up for success. Just because you cannot physically “hold” self growth does not mean it is not happening nor important.

Water your future.