The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions



At the end of every year we all scramble to create a New Year’s resolution list that we think will make us a better person. By January 1st everyone is energized and ready to take on new challenges and simply become a better person. Although everyone’s goals are different in one way or the other, we all have something in common. That common factor is after the first two weeks we all give up. I vowed to myself this year to not let self doubt get in the way of progression. We all struggle with wanting to see results almost immediately and allowing ourselves to become dissatisfied. All this creates is frustration and lack of effort. Below I have created a list of ways to successfully stick to your resolutions. It is never too late to start! Just because you didn’t succeed in January or even february, does not mean to ditch those goals. Here is your Ultimate Guide:

First things first:

Mentally prepare yourself and get excited. Just like any research paper or anything you do, getting prepared and creating a plan is necessary.

Write down everything. Writing down your goals is key to getting started. We all have our goals embedded in our heads but writing it down forces you to think about it. Writing it down forces you to look at it every day which helps to keep that goal alive and attainable. Dream boards are also a great way to visually see your goals and to keep you motivated.

Select one goal and go for it. This is vital because the biggest mistake we often make is to take on more than we can handle. If you are anything like me, this is hard because there is a lot you want to do. However, the truth is we can only focus on one thing at a time. Select the goal that you want most, or the goal that is the foundation for your other goals. In other words, we often have goals that in order to achieve we must prepare for it.

Give yourself time to achieve each goal. This is the most crucial step because it is often the step most skipped. I like to give myself a “trial” period to get adjusted and to see if ultimately whatever the goal is, is right for me. A good trial period would be anywhere from one to three months depending on the goal. This allows you to get into a routine, make errors, perfect it, and put it into action. By the third month, you will start to see results and naturally make it a daily or weekly routine. At this point you are able to see if  whatever you set out to do was in fact the right decision for you. If it wasn’t, its okay because you tried it and successfully accomplished a goal. To be honest, three months is not that long of a time period. So don’t sketch yourself out if you think that is too long. It will fly by.


During this time:

Stop self doubt. Period. It is toxic and in a world full of negative Nancy’s, you don’t need to add to it. Be your biggest fan.

Lets be real, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should others?

Surround yourself with like-minded people. THIS IS KEY. Studies have proven that people’s chance of succeeding is increased when around people reaching for the same or similar goals. It keeps you motivated and inspired. If you do not have anyone around you reaching for similar goals, or goals in general then use the internet. Get connected with people who have goals and who are on their way to achieving them. Linkedin is a great online tool to help with making connections. Another great tool that I use right from my phone is a app called Meetup. This app allows you to connect face to face with people in your area with the same interest as you. Totally safe and done on your own time.

Keep your eyes on the prize. It is very important to keep your eyes on the end goal. It is very easy to get distracted but don’t allow the self doubt to control you. Everyday you wake up, you are one step closer.

Use your time wisely. Time management is something we often struggle with because we underestimate the amount of time we have in a day. Sometimes we abuse the time we are given and waste it. Today the biggest thing we waste time on is social media. (NOTE: this is intended for those of us who use social media loosely) Studies have shown that in 2016, the average person spends a minimum of 118 minutes per day on social media. That is over 43,000 minutes per year that could be spent on doing something for YOU. shows the increase per year spent on social media. My tip is to use social media as a tool, as a platform to get you to your goals or to even help motivate you. Replace one hour everyday that would be spent browsing social media with reading a self help book, or doing something for yourself.


Take and create new opportunities. During your trial period, seize all opportunities presented to you, or create them.

Before you know it, your New Year’s resolutions won’t seem so far fetched, but actually attainable. It takes patience and self discipline. These steps have worked for me and the results are extremely rewarding once you do what it is you have set out to achieve. It is never too late to start or to start over. It takes practice and dedication before it becomes second nature. Love yourself first and put yourself first. The rest will follow! XO