BlogandSip.com is the platform in which I will use to talk about current events, Q&A’s, reviews, my favorite things & places, beauty finds, life hacks, and more. The idea stemmed from going to a local coffee shop one day with my friend and my Mac Book. Standing in line staring at the menu, I chose to order a X-Tall Thai Iced Coffee and a M&M infused brownie. I always have so much to say and most of it I want to share. Blogging, I have always been obsessed with; Everything from reading blogs to wanting to start my own.

When I sat down with my coffee, I turned to my friend and said “I am going to start a blog once and for all”. It took several months before I got to this point from the time I decided this was what I wanted to do. The planning, name, finding the time, and so fourth overwhelmed me. I knew I wanted my blog to be more than just another fashion blog. I wanted my blog to stay current, relevant and appeal to everyone. With so much circling my brain, the name was what I was most concerned with. C’mon, Let’s be real for a second! The name ultimately becomes your brand and will forever be associated with you. At the same time, the name must be catchy and sum up your blog. The pressure was on and I left the coffee shop wondering if I will ever find a name. Going to this coffee shop became a “thing” for my friend and I over the next few weeks. We would sit and talk about any and everything happening around us, girl talk, makeup, etc.



Then suddenly it came to me, BlogandSip.com! Over coffee, I had the best ideas and conversations with my friends and strangers. I later pitched this name to another friend who is the craziest, most blunt, free-spirited person ever. Over drinks, margarita’s to be exact, I spoke about my new and upcoming blog and what it meant to me. Ultimately the sip part of the name stemmed from talks over coffee, but then I quickly realized that, that could be different for everyone. For my friend, she viewed it as crazy topics while having a beer or, in this case…Margarita’s. The different perspectives made me love Blog and Sip that much more.

Every post will be 100% real and uncut. That is the promise I made to myself and to all of my followers. The audience of BlogandSip.com is YOU!

Sip and read all the shit I have to say. XO