7 Quick tips to make Christmas Shopping Less Stressful

December has finally approached and it’s moving fast. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s hard to avoid the crazy shoppers and insane traffic everywhere. For those of us who celebrate Christmas and all the madness that comes with it, I decided to do things a little differently this year! Of course I decided to share it with you all in hopes we all find a moment of peace during this hectic time.

  1. Cut that list in half if you can help it. Be stern and keep it real with yourself. Stop going out of your way to buy the entire office and your third cousins a present (unless you have it like that). Yes it is the season of giving but lets be honest here! Can you really afford to buy unnecessary gifts for people you really don’t know while trying to buy the world for loved ones?
  2. If you insist on buying gifts for those around the office, etc, then I suggest getting crafty. Pinterest is a great place to go to for ideas.christmas3
  3. Put some thought into your presents. This helps to eliminate the chaos of roaming the mall picking up random presents just because. I recently started brainstorming about the perfect gift for everyone on my list. Taking the time to actually browse online and the mall before committing to buy things helps tremendously. Once you have decided what to get each person, stick to it and do not second guess your gift ideas.
  4. Create a list with guidelines. In other words everyone that is on your list you should send text messages to asking them to pick five things that they really want. The guidelines should be according to your budget or whatever you chose. For example: Pick five things that you want for Christmas. The first item being the item you want the most. The second item should be something you absolutely do not want. This allows you to have a general idea of what that person wants and how to budget yourself. It also avoids buying a pointless gift if you have an idea of what they don’t want or need.
  5. Which brings me to my next tip. BUDGET! Without a budget you will end up over spending. Prioritize your bills and the things that are important for you to take care of first. The common mistake and stressor is usually the lack of funds during and after the holidays. Also Compare prices when shopping for particular items. It helps!christmas1
  6. Stop waiting until last minute to shop. A lot of us are guilty of this one even though we all swear to start shopping earlier every year. Seriously guys! We have to stop procrastinating. It takes the edge off starting your shopping early even if it is buying a few things each paycheck.
  7. The main reason we tend to put Christmas shopping last is because it is so much easier shopping for yourself when all the black Friday and cyber Monday sales start. However, shopping for yourself defeats the entire purpose of “Christmas shopping” as well as it cuts your holiday funds in half. So stop buying yourself more things and stick to the plan.

The common theme for this Christmas and all the future gift giving holidays to come is Self Discipline & planning ahead. Seriously do not be afraid to keep it real with yourself about what you can afford. Trying to please everyone is impossible and extremely stressful. Only take on what you can handle and be a boss at it!

Share your ideas below if you have something that works for you! I’d love to hear it.

Happy Holidays.





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