5 Steps to Creating your Atmosphere at Home



Creating an atmosphere can be difficult. There are more options than you have time to look at and you constantly have an internal battle between making impulsive purchases to deciding if it’s really just easier to DIY. Thankfully we have Pinterest, making our lives simpler since March 2010. As helpful as it is though, it can’t create for us. We must be innovative, charming and sly about our creation, pervading only our deepest desires of influence and strive to bring our four (or more) walls to life.


Vibe.  In order to have success with the area you’ve been given, it would be best to choose either a theme, color scheme or vibe for the space and begin to brainstorm. What do you want your guests to feel? What do you want to influence your company to participate in? How long do you want your friends to stay? These are all questions you can form the answers to. Be specific.



The Scenery. If you’ve ever experienced having company over after re-decorating, you’ll notice that eyes wonder. Every inch of your space is able to be manipulated into a new dimension of the world you have created and to not take advantage of that would be a shame. Our square feet are limited in this world. at2Take every foot by the reins using elements of surprise in the corner no one expected to find a shelf in or on the bookshelf no one expected to find knick-knacks on.


The Levels. Easily over looked is the possibility of levels. Stacking books/board games or using window seals are both avenues to creating visual proportions that spark interest. You’ll be amazed at how often company will invite themselves to your photo albums or random ticket stub collection if you set them at accessible and eye-catching areas in the room. Use this as an advantage to put on display memorabilia or interests you wish to share.

The Walls. The walls of your area will either be your biggest contributor or your greatest downfall. Personally, I guiltily save a lot of wall space for a flat screen. Everyone has their own preference, but I enjoy my Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show full screen and the center of attention. If that doesn’t suit your fancy though, there are multiple ways to amplify the vibe in your room using wall art, tapestries or even photo frames in disarray. Anything is art if you see it as beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so don’t be afraid to express your artistic eye.


The Floors. Not everyone is lucky enough to choose their flooring, but no one can argue the magic an accent rug can do. If you have a carpet you don’t want to cover up, the importance of upkeep is no secret either. Don’t even get me started on precautions when it comes to pets, but research and consistency are key. Whichever route you choose, it should be an option that fits the purpose of your atmosphere and suits the comfort level that is desired.


at4After implementing these five steps you should have an area that’s represents the perfect energy and atmosphere for your liking. Your guests will be impressed at how vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be and intrigued by the personality you shared. Conversations will never run dry and impressions will be left. You should feel satisfied by the work you’ve created and take time to enjoy it. You made it!


By: Jessie Johnson






Meet Your Writer, Jessie Johnson


I’m a young professional who loves anything to do with travel, fashion, life style, fitness, etc. I’ve been reading magazines since I could talk & have aspired to be a journalist since high school. I’ve always heard “a writer is a sum of their experiences,” so I write about those. I love the idea of taking someone’s past & turning it into a brighter future!

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