Your Place or Mine?

This post is all about your personal space, your home. Regardless of where you live making it comfortable, stylish, and your safe haven is very important in this day and age.  If you are anything like me then after spending hours of your day at work, going home to regroup and let your hair down is maybe the best feeling in the world.

Part of growing up is eventually moving out on your own and finding yourself. It is so exciting signing the lease to your first apartment or buying your first home. Whichever you decide to do it is important to find your style and make your home reflect it.

Decorating your home can be as inexpensive or expensive if you stick to the plan and know what you want.

Knowing your space is key and also the first step in making your apartment/house a home.

Painting is a must unless white walls is your thing. Accent walls are recommended for apartments because you have to paint it back before moving out.


After choosing your paint colors think about the furniture. Some of my favorite places to shop for furniture would be ikeatargetpier 1 imports if you are on a budget. If money isn’t a thing then my favorite stores are west elm, or pottery barns. Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming and pricey but do your research, shop around and do not rush to buy anything.

Knowing the placement of your furniture comes hand in hand with knowing your space. If you have limited space, then opt for smaller pieces but pieces that serve multiple purposes. Ex; coffee table that serves as storage.


Creatively placed furniture ideas….


Next on the list after choosing furniture is accessories. The mistake most people often make is buying the accessories first and end up having things you can’t use. It is so easy to go to the store and see a cute picture that you love only to end up changing your color scheme once you find your new home.

My go to places for cute accessories to liven up any design would be kirklandshomegoodsTJ Maxx, joss and main and cute little vintage stores. Great accessories include:

  • Pictures/ Paintings
  • Plants
  • Rugs
  • Candles
  • Lamps/ Light Fixtures
  • Pillows/ Throws

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Decorating your kitchen can sometimes feel challenging because the space may not always be there. The trick to sprucing up the kitchen is to accessorize as much as you can as well as having a clean space. Replacing boring soap bottles for glass, generic store seasoning containers and replacing them with glass containers, and so fourth makes the difference.


Let’s not forget the bathroom…..

Small spaces such as the bathroom can be a challenge because most of the time the bathroom comes as is with little room to make it your own. However, no matter the tile or the hideous wallpaper that comes with the bathroom there are ways around it.

My favorite things to add to a bathroom is a nice plant, fuzzy rugs, amazing shower curtains and candles.

(Note: Bathroom Plants have to be bathroom approved. Recommendations: Spider Plants, Golden Pothos, Kentia Palm)


Enjoy your space and spruce it up a bit. Your home should reflect who you are as a person. Invite someone over!

Your Place or Mine?

Share your home ideas or pictures of your decorations. What are some of your tips or tricks?

Disclaimer….Photos are not mine! All photos from pinterest 🙂