Let’s Talk Business: Landing that Job!

It’s no secret that I haven’t been blogging lately and although I love talking to my readers, I had to take a break because I landed a great and my first corporate job (EVER). My training is tedious and very time consuming but I love every minute of it. During the time I’ve been away from the computer, blogging topics have been popping up everywhere but I had to make my first post about something extremely fresh for me before the crazy topics begin.

That’s right, you guessed it! Landing that job you want can be a lot of things and that is why this post is necessary. I wanted to put together a little guide on how to shake the nerves and land that job.


Let’s Talk Business……

Nerves help no one and I mean that in the kindest way possible. Of course being nervous is natural and apart of your “humanly emotions” but at the end of the day it can cause more chaos than anything. Here’s why:

You go into your interview totally nervous and the interviewer asks, “Tell me a little about yourself.”

………………………………. < that (in my best visual representation) is your exact thought process and before you know it, you find yourself rambling about who you think you are and it begins to sound more like a bad ending of your favorite movie.  That was your nerves because nerves erases everything you know in 5 seconds flat.

My Advice: Go in calm and pretend you are having a conversation with a long time friend whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Believe me when I say no interviewer wants to see you fail or shaking in cold sweat. Often times they are just as nervous or exhausted from asking the same questions everyday.


Breaking the Ice is my secret weapon.  Find something to relate about no matter how big or small because it helps to relax both parties.

“Hi Sarah my name is Reisa and I’ll be doing your interview today!”

At this time observe and take mental notes because at this time you can determine the kind of person they are.

“Hi Reisa, very nice to meet you. I love your skirt, it’s perfect for todays weather!”

My Advice: Add some personality to your “breaking the ice” moment and notice how effortlessly you just set the tone of the interview.


Do your research because it eliminates the guess work and the awkward silence while you try to think of something to say. On the spot thinking creates responses that are lengthy, repetitive, and often in circles. The interviewer can always tell when someone has done their homework or not.

“Why our Company?”

Knowing the company is not optional. I landed my job because I knew the company and it showed. A great response to a question like this would be something along the lines of,          “Why not your company?! This company has been around for (whatever amount of years) serving the public great (whatever three things the company is good at) and I would be crazy to not want to be apart of the legacy”.

Add your own personal touch and let it flow. Do not go into your interview sounding like a prerecorded robot. Which brings me to my next thing….


Do not sound scripted because at that moment you have killed your chances by at least 40% or more. No one wants to hire a person with no personality or so it will seem to the interviewer. This supports why doing your homework before hand helps because you will already know your responses for the questions, so now you can go in and just be yourself.

NOTE: Remember to remain professional.


Know your weaknesses because almost every interviewer asks that question. It is not intended to throw you off your game or meant to be a trick question. It is meant to see how you overcome your own obstacles. We all have weaknesses so own it and talk about how you are working on making those a strength.

“So tell me your weaknesses”

Look the part. The best uniform for any interview would be whatever that job’s dress code is or wear something as close as you can if the job wears a uniform. It earns brownie points because it shows that you are serious, did your homework, and willing to be apart of the team. Often times the interviewer will thank you for looking the part.


Honesty is the most obvious yet most people feel the need to lie to make themselves appear more qualified when in fact it hurts your chances. The truth always comes out. Here are different scenarios where lying could catch up to you….

Lying during your interview and in result getting hired. You think you’ve gotten away with it but your start date has arrived and you are asked to complete a task that you “should” know how to do. However you can’t because you actually have no experience.

Lying during your interview and you get hired but your new job decides to call your references and do a complete background verification. At this point they call to take the offer off of the table.

Lying during your interview and getting hired. You work for years with the company and no one ever finds out until one day the truth comes out and now you’ve lost your job.

My Advice: It isn’t worth it and neither is the embarrassment that comes along with it. You end up doing no one any justice including yourself.

My new job is in the finance/ banking industry and it was completely new to me and still is. Lying during my interview would not have done any good for me because how do you fake being good at finances?! You just can’t. Nine times out of ten a company will pay for you to get the proper training.

So what do you do if you apply for a job that is totally new from anything you’ve previously done? Find a common ground and run with it.

EX. I worked for years in customer service therefore what I had to bring to the table was a lot more than any training could ever teach. It worked out for me because that was what they were looking for.

Moral: Be yourself and be proud of the experience you already have.


Ask Questions. Questions are great and it shows that you are interested to see what the company has to offer. It also shows that you want to know more about what you could potentially be apart of. Always go in a with a mini notepad filled with questions and take notes.

“How long have you been with the company and what’s your secret?”


Be Confident ASF! Seriously, why should they hire you if you lack confidence?



Keep it to yourself because not everyone is rooting for you believe it or not. Celebrate once you’ve landed that job. The beginning stages no one has to know what you’ve got planned. Share with your significant other or parents if you insist on telling someone 😉

Confidence will help you not only land the job but will help you to move up within the company.  Confidence is sexy just do not confuse it will cockiness. Express that you are open to anything new and that you aren’t afraid to take on new tasks…Even if you are shaking in your pumps.

These very steps helped me land one of the best jobs I’ve had yet. These few small steps are easy to do and have big outcomes.

Share your interview tips below and/or if you used this post to land your job share it!