Is Your Life Really that Bad? Probably not.

Not to brag or anything but I have been blessed to be around the most positive and influential people ever and I feel like it would be selfish not to share the inspiration. The older I get the more I surround myself with people who have something to give whether it is advice, experiences, or just their presence and I feel honored to be able to call these people my friends.

Recently I sat down with a friend who I met through work and we just clicked. She has got to be one of the most amazing, goal orientated, kind-hearted, influential person I know thus far. Her life inspires me in every way. Although we come from two different walks of life, we share a lot in common. Over coffee at Starbucks (which became our way to catch up) we exchanged what life has been dishing out to us. I recently learned that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and boy I have to say, SHE’S KICKING ASS! Such unfortunate news has completely uplifted her life for the better. Most of you may think how is that even possible?! But if you knew my friend and the fulfilling life she has always lived, then you’d understand.

She explains to me that life is what you make it. We all have the option of dwelling over things we simply cannot change or we can tackle it, kick its ass, and embrace it. She chose to tackle it and not allow it to define who she is or what she can do in life. She does not look at it as a road block but more so a minor detour in her life. Her smile lit up Starbucks y’all and I could not have been more inspired.

See it doesn’t matter what life throws your way, but how you chose to handle it. Sometimes it can be hard to dissect certain situations but it will be okay. It will always be okay in the end. Quite honestly, if you don’t make it okay then it won’t be okay. Every decision in your life you determine the outcome. You wouldn’t believe how every decision can change your life. Well maybe you knew that but the question is are you living by that? 

Your life is not that bad and I can promise that. Think about whatever it is you are going through and ask yourself these simple questions.

Could it be worst and is it?

What can you do today to change that frown into a smile and keep it moving?

Are you surrounded by positive people? 

What do you have to look forward to? 

What can you learn from your situation?

These are the questions I ask myself all the time these days to keep myself grounded and to remind myself that life isn’t that bad. If you don’t like the answer to one of the questions you answered above, simply change it.


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