It’s All about the Apps Girl

Apps! Apps! Apps! Today apps are essential because our smartphones wouldn’t be any fun without ’em. I made it my job to have the coolest and most convenient apps on my phone at all times and girlfriend you should too. I decided to share my go to apps that every badass female should keep handy.


Don’t be surprised that this made number one on the list. Blogging is life and lets be honest even if writing blogs isn’t your thing, reading them is super fun. Bloglovin’ is a tool designed to help you keep up and follow all of your favorite blogs at all times. This app saves you time from having to google search all o


f your favorite blogs one by one and allows you to save your favorite blog posts in your “favorites” folder. This app is totally free and accessible from your desktop as well. Savvy!


This app is like a on the go magazine designed like instagram. You can customize your feed by choosing the topics you want to stay up to date on. This app has multiple writers who write different posts on different things going on around the world, advice, life hacks, food, entertainment, etc. Never a dull moment with this app. For bloggers this app works as a great inspiration tool as well. Free and comes with alerts so you never miss a post.

Bill Tracker

This app keeps you ahead of your bills and sends constant reminders the minute a bill is past due. Great app for living on your own for the simple fact that it organizes  your bills, allows you to see how much you are spending in bills each month, allows you to add notes to each bill, and features a calendar for the visual people. My favorite feature on this app is that even when a bill has been marked paid, you can still view it months later or anytime for reference. Free!


If you aren’t familiar with Shazam you are missing out. Have you ever been out with friends or listening to the radio and did not hear the name of the song and you love the song playing? Well Shazam allows you to never miss out on another song that you like. In seconds, near or far it tells you who the artist is and the title of the song. The best part is that it saves it for you so you can reference later and tells you where to purchase. Playlist cheatsheet? Totally free.


This app is about upcoming events in your area or anywhere you are at the moment. If you are in the mood for a good jazz club or comedy show, simply type that in the search box and whaaaalaaaa….EVENTS! If you are in charge of planning a GNO, refer to Eventbrite for help. Even if you just want to get out more during the summer and want some new, fun, and exciting then this app can give you awesome ideas. I love that you can view events weeks from today and that it tells you the price along with all of the necessary details. The planners and organizers must definitely have this Free app.


Yes, Qapital with a “Q”. This app is by far one of my favorites because it is necessary. It’s all about helping you save money for whatever you have planned. Whether you are planning a family vacation, a “baecation”, Girls getaway trip,apps2 or just building a savings, Qapital makes sure you have the funds possible to do so. What sets this app apart from average saving apps is that this links directly to your bank account and has strict rules to abide by. These rules can vary between rounding up every purchase you make or setting a budget for certain stores. This app is free and provides you extra funds. WHATS NOT TO LOVE?!

Use my code to get $5 into your bank account when you sign up Click here

Credit Wise

By Capital One is a free app that allows you to check your credit score without penalty. Once you are signed in you can opt for instant alert the moment your score changes. This  app tells you the factors that either lower or raises your credit score, as well as explaining what every little detail means. Great app for anyone especially those of you who are finally adulting.

Apps, you gotta love ’em! Of course every phone has the standard fb, ig, twitter, etc apps, but these few additional apps are useful and resourceful. Check them out.

I would love to know what apps you use that the world should know about!




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