How to be a Badass 20 Something

Whoever said adulting would be fun fucking lied. Once you hit 20 the world looks at you like the adult you can’t relate to just yet. At this point in your life you are charged as an adult if you accidentally shoplift a pack of gum. (Do not shoplift kids and no I’ve never done so either) In your 20’s you are expected to know everything. To me it is the most hypocritical age ever. For example, in your 20’s you are expected to know what you want to do with your life, looked down upon if God-forbid you forget to pay a bill on time, drop out of college and so fourth. However in the same breath 20 somethings are constantly reminded that they cannot rent a car until 25, that they can’t get that job they’ve wanted because they are too young with no experience and so fourth. Like holy shit! can you cut us some slack?!

This post is for every 20 something who is constantly told one thing but is denied opportunity for whatever reason. Sure adulting sucks but who said being in your 20’s had to suck also? For every situation faced in your 20’s, you can either let it consume you or grab it by the heels and turn every situation into something you can control. The choice is yours ultimately but for those of you who want to be a badass 20 something (in the most legal way of course) then read on.



One of the best parts of growing up is gaining confidence that teenagers don’t usually have just yet. Other issues become more important like paying rent on time and remembering to change your oil every couple hundred miles. The responsibilities eventually outweighs the thought of “what he thinks of my body”. Honestly if you are dating someone who is so swallow that they only care about what you look like, then honey he or she isn’t for you. It’s sad to think that young women across the world today shame their bodies due to what society thinks is beautiful. Stop getting dressed in the bathroom of your apartment if your boyfriend/girlfriend is home. Stop having sex in the dark because you don’t want your stretch marks to show or your extra lovable pounds to be seen. Seriously self confidence is so attractive it’s like a drug. Not to mention they wouldn’t be with you if he/she felt you weren’t hot. Instead, buy that lingerie you’ve been seriously eyeing since last summer and rock the f*ck out of it for your partner. Do I need to continue?


Stop obsessing over bills because guess what? It is only the beginning and they are inevitable. The average person struggles and lives check to check at times. You’re in your 20’s so cut yourself some slack. Everyone has struggled and been in the same situation at some point. Being afraid to take big girl steps because you don’t want bills is a little unrealistic. Stop waiting on the “right” time because the right time never comes. Of course be smart about your decisions but taking risks, getting that studio apartment, working two jobs, and ignoring your alarm in the morning because that party just ended two hours ago isn’t that bad. Look at Sophia Amoruso for instance?! Point is to enjoy your days, create memories and learn to budget.


Although living paycheck to paycheck is incredibly common, be smart about the funds that you do have and budget. Rainy days happen and nothing sucks more than using your rent money to get your car after it’s been towed. Live within your means and cut cost wherever you can afford to do so. Netflix and Hulu have low monthly cost for TV shows and movies at your convenience. Ditch cable until you can afford it comfortably and stash away that extra hundred dollars a month that would have been spent on cable.  Are you really home that often to watch cable anyways? Meal prep lunch for work instead of buying food every day. Sure that Panera sandwich sounds delicious, but so does that spinach dip you made for lunch. Before you know it, that extra fifty dollars that you’ve saved all week from not eating out makes your savings look AH-MAZING!



So what if you’re in your 20’s with little to no experience. If you want that corporate job go for it. Write a professional resume and fill it with things that make you a perfect fit. All you need is the chance to be interviewed and at that point go in with confidence and know your shit. If you are applying to a company that has been around for years, talk about their success and how much you want to be apart of it. Showing that you’ve done your research is impressive. Look the part and go for it. What do you have to lose? At the very least you just gained experience.


Your only obligation in your 20’s is to experience life to the fullest. Taking risks and being open to change is key. Nothing will ever stay the same and quite frankly, thank God. If moving across the country is something you want to do, then do it. Change helps with self growth (more on self growth here) and being open to change provides endless opportunities. Talk to people you don’t necessarily know at an event or at work, promote yourself and take that risk.



You won’t be wrinkle free forever and in your 20’s your skin and everything else is in top shape. Take advantage of this time in your life. Waking up ten minutes earlier to do your hair or a face mask is well worth it. If you feel good throughout the day you perform better and those are facts.


If you can’t change a tire, you should learn. Being a young adult learning to get down and dirty helps you. No one wants to be a damsel in distress, relying on someone to do the dirty work for you is a joke when you could have changed that tire over an hour ago and continued about your night. Changing your tire is not the only thing that falls under this category. As a young adult, it is crucial that you know how to take care of yourself for multiple reasons. Yes, no one wants to get down and dirty when someone else can do it for you, but knowing how to do something and knowing that you could do it if you had to feels powerful.



Cliche i know but let’s face it, it’s important. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received in my life has come from people twice my age. Often times people think that because times are different than how they use to be that your elders advice are invalid. That is a bunch of baloney if you ask me. No one has dealt with harder times than those who had to work for every single dollar that they have today. Just because your grandmother doesn’t know how to operate your ever changing iPhone, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been where you are today. Being a badass, smart and independent 20 something year old is about knowledge as well as tricks and trades. They only want the best for you so when they say it, believe it.


Deal with it honey because that will never change. High school pettiness and adult pettiness is completely different and sadly still exist. In high school people hated you because you dated the star football player or because you didn’t give a f*ck about what people thought about you. The beautiful thing about high school pettiness is that you knew when someone didn’t like you because no one cared enough to hide it. Adult pettiness on the other hand is deeper and actually can backfire on you if handled like you would in high school. Sadly people at work won’t like you because you got a promotion that they’ve wanted forever or friends become jealous because you’re doing pretty decent with your life. Fighting puts you in jail because you are now considered an adult and to top it off, you lose everything you’ve worked hard for. Instead, smile and keep your personal life to yourself and do not allow your coworkers to rob you of your hard work. People want to see you fail so make them your motivation.

Being a badass 20 something starts with believing that the world is yours. Anything is possible if you believe it and go after it. Being a badass is about being ahead of the game and always sharp.

Comment below something that makes you feel like a badass 20 something! 





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