Quick Guide: Summer Detox for your Mind



With the summer approaching and your bucket list growing longer, tackling the summer with a fresh mind is extremely refreshing and well needed. If you are anything like me, after a long and snow-filled winter you are burnt out and ready to let the summer have it’s way with you. However not so fast friends!

What is detox? How can you detox your mind? How much does it cost?

For starters detoxing is a period of time and/or a process where a person rids the body of toxins. Detoxing does not only pertain to your body but can pertain to anything in your life that you feel like cleansing. The best part about detoxing your mind? It costs absolutely nothing.

Below I have a quick guide that helps you to get your mind right for the summer and it’s easier than you think.

First things first…


Eliminate toxic thoughts.

This means to get rid of all the thoughts that hinder you from moving forward. Summer is approaching, you can do anything you want to.

Stop Stressing.

Girl, it’s bad for you. Do you want wrinkles in your 20’s? I know me telling you not to stress is easier said than done, but it can be done. Most of the time we stress over money, relationships, school, etc. Whatever the reason may be tackle it one step at a time. If something happens that is out of your control then why continue to stress over it? Focus on what can be done to make the situation better or look forward to positive things that are coming your way.


Rest your mind. 

One of the oldest tricks in the book! Getting up to 7-8 hours of sleep a night can tremendously improve your state of mind. You wake up feeling ready to tackle the day and allows you to focus more.

Rebuild your inner circle.

The friends you keep impacts your life in more ways than you may realize. A lot of times we become so consumed with the lives of the people around us that stress levels are increased. Also, surround yourself with people who live the life you want and are doing the things that you want to do. Your friends can often influence your moods. Chose wisely.


Rebuild your self esteem.

Your self esteem pretty much reflects how you feel about yourself. Often your mind controls the way you feel about yourself. So in order to start fresh, it is imperative that you change your outlook about yourself. Feel good and embrace it.

Fix your attitude. 

Smile if something rubs you the wrong way and change your approach to certain situations.

Stay Hydrated.

Drinking lots of water fuels your body with the energy it needs. It also helps the blood to circulate throughout your body. A hydrated mind thinks much more clearer!


Taking a deep breath and taking a step back to analyze situations, life, etc helps to reduce stress levels and provides better outcomes.


This quick and easy to follow guide is something that has worked for me and hoping you all find it helpful.




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