I Spy Coffee – Brew Haha!


Delaware may not be home of any fashion houses, big name model agencies, or cool wonders but with tax free shopping and a sense of home to many, Delaware hides the chicest coffee shop locals know as Brew Haha!.

If you are ever in the Brandywine Valley area of Delaware I highly suggest making Brew Haha! one of your must-see destinations. Brew Haha! coffee shops are located throughout Northern Delaware in quiet suburban neighborhoods that can be missed if you aren’t paying much attention. I randomly discovered this local coffee shop about two years ago while meeting a friend for coffee and instantly fell in love. I questioned myself about missing this gem after living in the area for a few years prior. How could I not know Brew Haha! existed and why don’t more people know about this coffee shop, drove me to write this post.


Good coffee starts with hand crafted personal touches and grade-A quality coffee. Brew Haha! delievers baristas who hand craft each estate-grown coffee using only top of the line semi-automatic expresso machines. What does that mean for you? It means that every single drink is made fresh with you in mind. I order the same X-tall Thai iced coffee that manages to taste different and better each time whilst remaining true to its ingredients. It makes you appreciate the craft of each barista and what Brew Haha! represents as a company.


The menu is perfectly scaled to meet everyones needs without being overwhelming. Like any coffee shop, they offer a variety of sizes ranging from short to x-tall with a decent price range. You can customize any drink you chose to make it as quenching for you. Each drink has a distinct taste that you cannot find anywhere else. If you want a typical iced coffee then go somewhere else. If you want crisp, natural, good tasting, grade A coffee then Brew Haha! is the place for you. The menu features everything from expresso to iced coffee, and wake-me-up coffee to wanting-a-treat kind of coffee. Additional to the drinks, Brew Haha! serves appetizing cafe food such sandwiches, soups, salads, and dessert. If you aren’t a local and want to always remember Brew Haha! they sell merchandise with their logo for an affordable price.

The best part of Brew Haha! apart from the rich tasting coffee is the environment of the shop. Each location is designed with a hobo-chic look and feel. I often joke that it is a “city in a coffee shop” because of the upbeat music, energetic staff, cool art work, and the bulletin board of fun events happening locally.

During the summer you can sit outside and enjoy the scenery with your coffee. IMG_2769You can buy art work right off the wall some months to support a local artist or take pictures/videos to feature in a project. Brew Haha! supports whatever your needs are for which you are going there for (within reason of course). Whether it is to hangout with friends over coffee, read a book, catch up on homework (free wifi available), or to just grab some coffee, Brew Haha! is the place to be.

Definitely check it out, take pictures and tell me about your experience.



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