Savvy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As we all know it is that time of year again, Mother’s Day! Every year I struggle with making sure I give the most perfect gift for my mother. This however becomes more difficult each year. How can you top the gift you gave last year? With so many gift giving holidays and birthdays, thinking of ideas become slim to nothing. This year I made it my goal to make sure I surprise my mother with something worth remembering and from the heart. I racked my brain for savvy ideas along with some serious internet surfing. I wanted to share my ideas wtih all of you who may need a little inspiration to surprise that leading lady in your life.

For those of you who want to do something creative and big

-Redecorate her living space. Chose a room and make it hers. Replace her sheets and comforter. Buy new pillows and add a throw. Spruce up her vanity or perhaps buy her one if she doesn’t already have one. Fill it with all of her favorite beauty must haves. Get her a new rug and luxurious new curtains. Light some candles for added warmth. Add photos of the family and write a letter telling her why you redecorated her room. Leave it on the bed.

Having a happy place to lay her head at night will lighten her spirits. It will mean a lot because it will be a constant reminder of you and shows you put thought and effort into making her day. Not to mention every mother could use a nice bedroom.

Great home decor items can be found a Homegoods, Tjmaxx, Pier 1 Imports, West Elm, Pottery Barns, Target and local home stores in your area.

bedroom1 bedrooom2

For those of you who want to be Crafty

Getting crafty is always fun and a great way to customize any gift. The beautiful thing about being crafty is it can be either really inexpensive or if you want, extravagant.

-For the Mother who loves to cook: A personalized recipe box

recei Along with a savvy recipe box, include secret family recipes and or new ones. Add a cook book from her favorite chef and some kitchen utensils that she’s been dying to have. Kate Spade offers beautiful kitchen must-haves. Another idea would be to get a customized apron so she no longer has to mess up her clothes.

To find this crafty, cute, and personalized recipe box click here.


-For the Mother who loves to pamper herself: A customized bath robe

robes A comfy bath robe would be a great gift by itself or paired with other items. Matching slippers, plush towels, with her favorite hair products would make this mother very happy. A spa visit would also be a great addition with this gift.

To find this plush robe and other personalized bathroom items click here.

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-For the Mother who loves to Read:

Everyone loves a good book so why not gift your mother with books from her favorite authors? Great gift paring ideas would be a coffee mug, bookmarks, a nice basket to store her books, pens, candles, a gift card to her favorite book store, and fancy notebooks.

mug books

To find more savvy gifts like the ones above click here.

-For the Mother who loves to Garden:

Put together a basket of different plant seeds, gardening books, pretty gardening tools, gloves, and a bird house.  Click here to find more cool gardening gift ideas.

garden garden2gardddd

-For the Athletic Mother:

If your mother enjoys spending her time outdoors working out or inside doing workout dvd’s she will enjoy anything that will keep her on the go. waterrrNew running shoes would be perfect. The perfect gifts to pair with running shoes would be a water bottle that has built in features, a Fitbit, workout dvd’s, workout outfits, and a cooling body scrub. Package it in a fabulous gym bag and surprise her.


Water Bottle can be purchased here |Nikes can be purchased here

For those of you on a budget

Buying gifts no matter how big or small should come from the heart. Mother’s know when things are tight and will love you regardless. Low on funds but want to find the perfect gift? Try these cool ideas.

-A photo album of letters each telling her a memory, something you love about her, or pictures . Wrap a bow around it for cute finishing touches!

-Bake a fancy cake and buy her favorite bottle of wine with a nice bottle opener

-Buy a coffee mug, asorted coffee favors, creamer, chocolate, and her favorite movie on DVD.

These are just a few ideas that will make any mother happy. The best gift of all is spending time with her on her day. You know your mother best, make it count.


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