Dear Men, You’re Welcome!

This post is for all of the men out there who are completely clueless as to why your significant other hasn’t packed your lunch for work in the past few weeks. Take some notes boys!



Women do not expect you to know it all, or to be able to get it all right. We understand that we aren’t the easiest group to deal with. However, we do ask that you try and use common sense. For those of you who can’t quite get it right, here’s a little cheat sheet.

  1. Ask her how day went. Sometimes all she wants is to talk to you, her best friend. She is not asking for your opinion or advice. Majority of the time the only thing she wants is to know that you are listening and that you care. This tool is also a great way to know what mood your partner could be in. Checking in throughout the day whether it is to say “thinking about you” or “hope you are having a great day, beautiful” is enough to put a smile on her face.
  2. Which brings me to the next thing, The little things DO matter. No matter how small a gesture is, she will appreciate it. A simple text message throughout the day keeps the line of communication going and let’s her know that she is on your mind. Say something to make her smile. Tell her she’s beautiful. pexels-photo-236287
  3. Compliment her. Women try our best to look good for you, their partner. Make her feel like the only person in the room. Every morning compliment her before she heads to work. It could be anything from her perfume, to how soft her skin is. Pay attention to details. Notice the changes she makes.
  4. Surprise her. It does not have to be anything Kanye West big, but flowers in the middle of the week just because. Bring her, her favorite candy bar or chocolate on your way home from work. Write a letter telling her how much she means to you. Kiss her on her forehead randomly. pexels-photo-399669Hold her hand in public. Take her to dinner or breakfast. Run her bath water so when she gets home, she can relax. Be creative, this does not have to require money, just pay attention to what she loves.
  5.  Lend a hand around the house. Sometimes it is extremely frustrating coming home to find a pile of dishes in the sink after a long tiresome day at work. We don’t expect you to do it everyday. But once a week or even twice could be extremely helpful. Cleaning up after yourself should not be much to ask for. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor. Lets face it! You live there too.
  6. Play with her hair. Give her a massage before bed. Rub her feet. Hold her at night until she falls asleep.
  7. Appreciate her. Tell her how much she means to you. Let her know that she is appreciated for all that she does to make sure you are happy.
  8. Cook for her. This step does not have to be fancy. Coming home to dinner already made is a nice treat.
  9. Touch her. This one should be common sense. No one wants to be a piece of meat unless that’s what you guys are into. However, most women love to be seduced and treasured. Kiss her gently. Light some candles and set the mood. Add some music. Get creative. In other words think about something that means something to both of you whether it be a song, a scent, or piece of clothing that hold memories. Don’t be afraid to spice it up.
  10. Try something new with her. Adventures are never boring. You know your partner best. What are some things that she enjoys doing? Now find something in the area or out of town that incorporates her hobbies. pexels-photo-265878 Plan a day trip, a date night, a weekend getaway. Take her wine tasting or horseback riding. Go to a bar and act like strangers, then hit on her. Create excitement. Show her you want to explore the world with her. She’ll appreciate it.
  11. Listen to her. This is something I’m sure you hear all the time but it really can make or break a relationship. Listen to her when she vents about things that upsets her, makes her happy, that she likes or wants, her needs. A lot of the time when she speaks she is dropping hints.
  12. Be Consistent. As women get older we often want something secure. Something that makes us feel safe enough to take that leap. However it is very hard when the gestures men do in the beginning stops when things become official. Consistency is key. Do not and I mean it, DO NOT stop the sweet shit just because. It will never get old to her. Show her that you are still interested.
  13. Protect her. Women love to feel protected in every way imaginable. A sense of security feels great and it is very attractive. Show her that she never has to worry about anything as long as she is with you.
  14. Support her habits. If your partner loves getting her hair and nails done, take her. She enjoys feeling beautiful for herself and YOU.
  15. Make love to her mind. At a certain age, materialistic things mean little to nothing. Showering her with random pointless gifts will eventually mean nothing. Not to mention, she can buy it for herself if she really wants it. Go that extra mile and dig deeper to connect on another level.
  16. Fix her car. This just goes unsaid honestly. Fix the things around her that are falling apart that she doesn’t even realize. Be the Man of the house.
  17. Bring her coffee. Leave a note on her car. Remember its the little things. pexels-photo-248016
  18. Respect her. If you are in a relationship, the world should know. Period. No one has to know the details of your relationship, but put people in their place when they hit on you. Do not do anything to her that you need to lie about or hide. If it feels wrong, most likely it is. Never make her feel disrespected in any way. Respect her wishes. Do not talk bad about her to your friends.
  19. She’s your partner not your slave. Do not expect her to do every single thing for you while you sit there and do nothing.
  20. Stand by her side. Things will get hard at times, but don’t give up on her. Fight for her if you love her. pexels-photo-347988
  21. Say how you feel. This does not make you weak or emotional. It makes you a communicator. It helps her to understand you and how to improve being the best partner to you.

There you have it. Twenty-one ways to make her smile and pack your lunch. Of course this list helps when both parties are doing their part within the relationship. Guys, your partner knows her role and if she doesn’t, maybe you both should Reevaluate the relationship. Nothing is ever perfect but every little bit counts. Rome was not built in a day. Relationships take time and requires constant growth. Keep an open mind.

PS| Women don’t want a perfect man. Women want a trying man!

Dear Men, You’re Welcome XO




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